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Why are some individuals so selfish and greedy

American Legend

"I will provide links to other sites of interest which may or may not be Harley oriented" , well here is a selection, ENJOY !!

Harley Dealer and HD events links


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HD Bar and Sheild - H.D., U.S.A. THE MOTOR COMPANY

- - over 100 years of production


- - Now owned by Harley-Davidson.


Warrs of London - WARRS, LONDON

- - The oldest U.K. and European dealership.

Dudley Perkins San Francisco - DUDLEY PERKINS, SAN FRANCISCO, U.S.A.

- - The oldest U.S. dealership.

HD Fullerton California - H.D. of FULLERTON, CA.

- - The First Tri-Level Harley shop in California.

Bartels' Los Angeles California - Bartels' Marina Del Rey CaBARTELS', Marina Del Rey, West Hollywood,CA.

- - The California 'Baywatch' area dealership.

Sturgis South Dakota- STURGIS RALLY & RACES

- - The biggest and oldest rally in the world.

60 years of bike week Dattona Fl - DAYTONA BIKE WEEK 2001, DAYTONA, FLORIDA, U.S.A.

- - The first big rally of the year, almost as old as STURGIS.

biketoberfest Daytrona Florida - BIKETOBERFEST, DAYTONA, FLORIDA, U.S.A.- Bike eventsNEW URL

- - The last big rally of the year.

Babe's Harley Site - Babe on HD dot COMURL

A superb Site from Flintstone, North GA., close to Chattanooga TN.
MIA/POW info. Abate, Chattanooga Chapter, and a WEALTH of info on NATIVE AMERICANS.

Home of the Post Industrial Biker

Check out Eddie and Weasel, home of the Post industrial Biker

HOG WWW - HOG World Wide Web Chapter Links.

- - A growing list of world wide HOG Chapters on the web.

sepnet - Ronnie Cramer's m/c web index

The largest motorcycle index on the web and a cult film indexindex.

HD lifestyle related links

Motor Cycle LinksMotor Cycle Links
Motor Cycle Links

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